Art and craft, attention to detail, our higher standards, taking the extra time to something the right way. These are the things that go into making something special, something of great quality. This is what separates good from great, ordinary from exceptional.

This is the philosophy behind how we make Pinnacle premium pet food. At our kitchens in California, we make Pinnacle in small batches so we can focus on perfecting unique recipes. We take the time required to create a meal that’s delicious, wholesome and nutritionally well-balanced.

We don’t rush anything and we don’t believe in shortcuts. Our commitment to doing things the right way means we follow a protein first recipe. Each limited ingredient diet food is made with meat, poultry or fish as the first ingredient and you'll never find any corn, wheat or white potatoes in our recipes.


Maybe that’s why for 70 years we’ve carefully built a reputation for excellence. From the artistic detail of the paintings on our bags, to the ingredients that go within them, generations of dogs have loved and continue to love our recipes and the thoughtfulness that goes into every meal.

And, as with all things made with great care and attention to detail, you won’t find Pinnacle just anywhere. We’re only in independent neighborhood pet stores managed by experts who understand and appreciate our commitment to the art and craft of making something special. That’s why, when their customers ask what’s a great food for their pets, we know they have the knowledge to give the most informed answer, and why for so many years they have recommended Pinnacle.